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Think out of the box

Think big – act big

god is in details


keep it simple


Without a team we can not gain great results, so I am not working alone. Besides me there is a team of great experts.

But anyway here’s something about me: 

I am Luka Zajc. The year when my first drawing was made was in 1984 in March, I think. So guess I wasn’t even a year old. Graduated in 2009 on Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia. A couple of times between studying I heard the word, written in 50%K. In meantime I studied also in Slovakia and Finland and learned a couple of thing there. In summer 2008 I met a nice girl at the workshop in some woods who said the words, written on the top in 80%K. Still I didn’t manage to get that right though.

I’ve been working in design for about 10 years now, so it’s pretty useless to count all the employers, clients, agencies and partners I worked with, because nobody will read everything.

But for all the new employers, clients, agencies or partners I have one message, read those lines written on the top and contact me.

Let’s have fun, let’s create something nice and useful.

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